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                              We are  Thomas and Ethel Bakery. 

  Meet the team Debbie Thomas, Tegan Thomas, Shirley Skinner (aka Treacle ) we are three generations of bakers all working together creating amazing cakes and bakes. 



A family business launched in 2015 as a tearoom but the popularity of the cakes

has seen the business move 2018 move into a new premises located in the amazing

Scottish Borders at Tweedbank  with easy access for clients  to travel by road,

bus or train located 10 minutes away from the unit. 


               We just make award winning cakes  loved  by all

                         just happen to Be Gluten & Dairy Free.

                                 How can we say this? 

     We don’t have to but our awards and customers do and that says it all!


     Finalists Delicious Magazine 2016 for Scotland cherry & white chocolate cake


 Silver Regional Winners Scottish Bakers Award 2017 Lemon Drizzle 


Finalists Food Awards Scotland 2018 for Wholesale Bakery.


 Finalists Food Awards Scotland 2019 for Bakery of the year. 


 We pride ourselves on our artisan handmade products with loyal and expanding customers every day with the added bonus for restaurants/cafe you can freeze our products without taste or texture difference allowing a constant stock of product.


               We can create any design you require and meet all your needs 

The name Thomas And Ethel come from grandparents and a treasure to the whole family . We were looking through old cook books for inspiration for the brand name and thought of nothing better than to name it after these great people .

Thomas Gibson and Ethel Gibson were loving parents to Shirley Skinner (aka Treacle ) and had four other children. They were hard working couple with family being the focus of there life. Shirley married John Skinner and gave birth to Debbie Thomas. Debbie was 4 the year thomas retired from working and due to thomas always being on the go retirement then lend to many adventures with debbie and thomas, from scrap yards to alloment what ever they were doing they were always together. Ethel was the most amazing baker, from fresh bread to amazing tasty cakes and bakes . In Ethels eyes if you could stand up you could help bake even having your own wooden stool so you could reach the kitchen table. 

Debbie went on to marry Duncan Thomas and had two children.

This tradtion of baking followed on with debbie after the birth of Tegan Thomas . Teaching her from a early age to bake the amazing recipes handed down from Ethel and even having her own wooden stool to reach the table.

Tegan Thomas found a real passion with cooking and started her career as a chef training in many kitchen across the scottish borders after 10 years in the industry.The passion for baking was too strong and this lead to Debbie and Tegan opening Thomas and Ethel tearoom to pursue there passion. 

Starting off in a little tearoom in earlston in 2015 the demand for cakes after three years lead to us moving in to our current home in Tweedbank . 

We took over a empty unit and set to creating our beloved bakery as it is today . 

Thanks to Duncan Thomas (aka Dad) we set to work setting up and building the bakery .

 The story contuines and the next generation was born 2020 . 

         Arthur Thomas Miller 


  We are now looking at expanding to postal order and expanding the Thomas and Ethel brand . 



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